Hand Crafted Seigaiha Japanese Wave Face Mask by Lunalark Design

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Using Japanese patterned material, or 'Wagara', this locally made triple layered reusable facemask is made from 100% tight weaved cotton inside and out with a breathable interfacing in-between. Elastic ear loops. Washable at Max 30°C. Made by Lunalark Design.

This fabric design is a traditional Japanese pattern, or 'Wagara', each with a specific meaning. This 'Shippou' design represents the seven treasures of Buddha. Shippou also means cloisonné, a decorating technique using wires and gems which you can see at the MEAA. The meaning is 'happy ending'.

Size:  L24 cm x W 12.5 cm at widest, ear loops 15 cm with Silicone adjusters for easy fit.