Hand Crafted Asanoha Hemp Lea Face Mask by Lunalark Design

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Using Japanese patterned material, or 'Wagara', this locally made by - Hand Crafted by Lunalark Design. Triple layered reusable facemask is made from 100% tight weaved cotton inside and out with a breathable interfacing in-between. Elastic ear loops. Washable at Max 30°C

This fabric design is a traditional Japanese pattern. or 'Wagara', each with a specific meaning. This one is known as 'Asanoha' or 'Hemp lLeaf', inspired by the shape of hemp leaves. Hemp is an important clothing fibre plant in Japan. Since hemp grows quickly it symbolises growth and good health so was most often used for children's clothes.  

Size:  L 24 cm x W 12.5 cm at widest, ear loops 15 cm with Silicone adjusters for easy fit.

Please note due to hygiene conditions masks are not returnable.