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The Red Japanese Daruma Doll Lucky God, or Japanese Dharma doll, is a red hollow, round traditional Japanese doll made from papier mache and modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism.

Japanese Daruma dolls are rich in symbolism and seen as a symbol of perseverance making them a popular gift of encouragement, commonly used alongside goal setting. Daruma are associated with a beloved Japanese proverb, nana korobi yaoki, which means, fall down seven times, get up eight as the Daruma doll's rounded shape allows it to return to its original position even if knocked over, representing such persistence. Daruma reminds us all to never, ever give up on our goals in life!

When you receive your Red Japanese Daruma Doll Lucky God you can fill in one of the eyes, make a wish and once your wish has come true, fill in the other eye to thank the Daruma for granting your wish! It is recommended that you position your Daruma Doll somewhere visible in your home or at work so that while your Daruma focuses on your objective, you will be reminded to do the same!


Size: 12cm / 5 inches high