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Chinese Poetry Workshop 3: Xue Tao

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Running time: 37:50 minutes

Please note: For talks or individual workshops, access expires in 3 days. For courses, access expires in 14 days.

Join Dr Theresa Munford, Chinese literature teacher, for this opportunity to explore Chinese poetry from the Tang Dynasty (618 – 906). You'll be introduced to a different Chinese poet in each workshop and explore one of their poems. You will uncover the poem’s language, imagery, and symbolism, illustrated by objects in the Museum’s collection. No previous experience or knowledge of Chinese language is required.

This poetry workshop explores the life and work of Xue Tao (770–832), looking at her poem ‘Cicada’. Xue Tao is one of China’s most famous female poets. 'Cicada' is a wonderful example of her use of simple imagery from the natural world to produce a poignant allegory

You will receive your workshop pack information in an email for you to download and print prior to the workshop.

Previous event participants have described this workshop as:

“One of the best online museum activities I have attended, both for learning content and technical presentation”

“[Theresa] was extremely knowledgeable and conducted the session in the perfect manner – scholarly but not too formal”.