Museum of East Asian Art Cards (Pack of 5)

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A selection of five cards curated by the Museum of East Asian Art just for you. Each card is left blank for your personal message. This collection features Chinese watercolour woodcut prints by renowned Chinese artist, Zheng Shuang. Her word is known for depicting everyday living subjects. This selection including floral displays and friendly cats. In East Asian, the black cat is known to ward off evil spirits - a symbolic gesture for sending a card to a loved one. 

Woodblock / woodcut print was a popular form of printing throughout centuries in China, and still is a mainstream art form in China today. The earliest woodblock printing known is from Han dynasty (AD 220) China, printed in three colours on silk. It was popularised during In modern China, artists influenced by western school of painting start introducing perspective and design into woodcut prints  

Size of each card: 16.5 cm x 11.5 cm including Envelope size